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China: Panjin Red Beach

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A show. This is how we can define Panjin Red Beach, better known as Red Beach, due to the characteristic color it has.

Panjin Red Beach

The beach is located on the delta of the Liaohe River, a few kilometers southwest of Panjin City, and it is very popular with tourists for its particularity, the red color. Color that is given by particular seaweed which grows on the soil and that gives the eye this effect.

The color varies according to the season: more intense in winter, less in summer, the red of the beach creates a significant impact color with the blue and sky water.

To preserve the microclimate, the beach access is limited to a few tourists at a time; you can see the beach from afar, on bridges built over the area without direct access to the beach, so as to keep the sand intact.

Besides the beach, here they are protected – about 236 species of birds, including the red crowned cranes and Saunders’s gull, both endangered species.

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