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Know the Fuel calculation for camping stoves

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Camping is so much fun. Are you planning for your next camping? Then you need a camping stove because it is an essential item, which will help you boil the water, keep you warm, make coffee and you can also melt the snow. But, fuel consumption also plays an important role. Therefore, you need to choose the stove that is fuel efficient and completes your requirement during camping. When you plan for camping, you must get an estimate about the approximate amount of fuel you may need during your camping days.


Fuel consumption depends on certain factors and one of the most important of them is to what altitude you are going and what will be the temperature there during the camping days. It also depends on how many persons are going there and what type of meal you are planning to make in the trip. Liquid fuel is available wherever you go.

If you are going for a short trip with one or two persons, canister stove will be a good choice. It can support cooking for few persons. But when you are planning to go for a long trip or a trip to a cold climatic zone or during the chill winter months, then liquid fuel stove will be your only solution. Fuel consumption also depends on personal habits like how many times a day you are planning to cook or how efficiently you can manage fuel consumption while cooking.

Check out the rough estimation of fuel consumption in a camping stove:
For Integrated Canister Stoves, you can take 1.5 oz 1 person/day, for two people 2.5 oz/day and 2 oz/day per person for complex cooking and snow melting. For small Canister stoves, you may need 2 oz/day, for two people 3.5 oz/day and 3 oz/day for melting the snow and doing complex cooking for a single person. Now, for the liquid fuel stove, you will need 1.5 oz/day for a single person, 2.5 oz/day if 2 people are going and 2 oz/day for a single person if you need to do snow melting and cook some complex cooking.

The choice of Alcohol Stoves is just perfect when you choose high altitude for camping. These stoves are very light and they use denatured alcohol for boiling water and you can dehydrate the freeze meals. But, it takes a big time to boil the water. Most campers love this stove because the alcohol is cheap and you will get fuel easily.

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