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It’s spring, start visiting the Borromean islands

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More and more beautiful Borromean islands, thanks to the restoration work, which continue and that are intended to make it increasingly accessible and attractive (if necessary) the Islands.

borromean island

Thanks to these works, on isola Madre was reopened the Berthier Wing, the one with the wonderful art gallery and the Throne Room, and then, roofs aside, has been completely restored the exterior of the building, including frescoes, marble and thousands of square meters of ancient mortars.

And yet, have just been completed the restoration of the famous caves and Isola Bella gardens, gardens almost destroyed last year by yet another tornado. A complete restoration has also affected the Music Room with its magnificent furnishings. It is continued then the restoration of the paintings of the Picture Gallery and the Palazzo, focusing this year on the Zuccarelli canvases, in anticipation of a major exhibition on the artist. The restoration is not limited to the structures but also affected what the Palace magnificently hosts: from more than 400 paintings of the Quadreria Borromea, the sequence of rare Belgian tapestries, and more recently to the various artifacts and furnishings of the Caves. In addition of course, to the restoration and care of the green heritage of isola Bella; a real garden.

More radical action on the Rocca di Angera, starting from the processing of bare esplanade around the Castle overlooking the Lake in a beautiful Medieval Garden, where each essence has been chosen on the basis of the treaties. Today, specialists consider it to be among the most beautiful in Italy and beyond. Then put under the rock to match, as well as exhibitions, even to host and social moments and weddings. Finally, the continuous care and enrichment of doll Museum hosted by the fortress.