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The Caribbean islands with the best beaches

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Basically if you go to any island in the Caribbean will be waiting for a great beach. However, there are some islands that propose beaches truly beautiful and impressive, so special as to be almost useless. But no, they are just true, it’s just the nature that gives the best of himself to the delight of tourists who can make spectacular photographs and spend unforgettable vacation. So if you have to make a trip to the Caribbean, write the name of these islands with unforgettable beaches.

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The best beaches of the Caribbean islands
We start from Anguilla, a small island, but from the endless beaches. Here you will find crystal clear waters and corals to no end and on the beach there are certain places where experimenting with live music and barbecue. In reality it is still a quiet place, not suffocated by the crowd and with a good chance to do some snorkeling. Do not miss Rendezvous Bay and Dune Preserve, but can also pose as castaways for a day in the two small islands of Scilly Cay and Sandy Island … shipwrecked luxury, given that both islands have a restaurant on the beach and a boat shuttle for guests.

The Aruba island offers endless expanse of sand, like the desert. Virtually the entire north-west coast is a long and unique beach; each section then takes its name. There are also here support structures in tourism: hotels, beaches, shelters, tour operators’ do-it-yourself boat trips. In particular, the small Malmok Beach is the perfect place to snorkel, while the crescent shaped beach located to the south, Baby Beach, it seems to be a favorite with families, given the reassuring presence of the nearby coral reef. The Arikok National Park on the eastern side, however, offers a panorama made of limestone, interrupted occasionally by idyllic coves.

Let’s move on to the Bahamas, technically they would not need any introduction. The Bahamas are a collection of more than 700 islands and islets where each of us can find our ideal holiday, luxury resorts, coves, minimalist hotels, mangrove forests, pristine beaches. For example, a coast of Nassau is located is Paradise Beach, home of conviviality through resort Atlantis and also thanks to the fact that here you can swim with dolphins. Not to forget the casino, restaurants, golf clubs along Cable Beach. If you enjoyed the ferry, you can reach Eleuthera and Harbour Island: the first has white desert sand coves, while the second boasts pastel-colored houses combined with the pink beach. The remote Exuma island, however, allows you to walk on a long spit of sand at low tide, visit the ruins of old plantation or dive to take a look at the reef.

Even the Barbados do not need no introduction: it is quite a large island, so as to meet the diverse needs of every tourist. The beaches of the east coast are dedicated to the surfers, while the west coast, also known as Platinum is much more quiet, especially for those who love to swim. To the south is the famous Crane Beach with pink sand and surrounded by rock walls, while Miami Beach is worth a visit during low tide.

In Grand Cayman there is a long beach eleven kilometers approximately. Here you can do everything from sleep with the hammocks under the trees, snorkeling, sunbathing. The Seven Mile Beach has white sand and a turquoise sea and there are plenty of luxury resorts. To the north lies the remote Rum Point Beach, where the name says it all: here you can take a cool drink from one of the many kiosks found on the beach. If you go to Smith Cove, you can dive to see the coral and a rich fauna of fish.

Let’s move to St. Barths where you will find a number of pristine beaches. For example, the track that leads you to the St. Jean Beach ends abruptly and dramatically in a blue bay. If you rent a car you can reach the Governor Beach or even the Saline Beach, where topless is a tradition. Near Gustavia, then find Shell Beach, rich in shells. Colombier Beach is, however, only after a trek, but intrepid hikers will be rewarded with a pristine bay and snorkeling is not disturbed by boat traffic.