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In Germany, the Museum of the Brothers Grimm

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Do you love fairy tales and would like to immerse yourself for a day in the fabulous world of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood? Then you must visit The Grimmwelt, the Museum of the Brothers Grimm which is located in Kassel, Germany.

Museum of the Brothers Grimm

Opened last September, the Grimmwelt – is a museum dedicated to the two most famous brothers of Germany and throughout the world and it is a two hour drive from Berlin.

The exhibition area is 1600 square meters, within which there are several pavilions dedicated to the life and works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the works which are primarily derived from the German tradition. Not only: in this museum you can find manuscripts of fairy tales that are part of a thoroughly selection and thematic exhibitions, like the one in the short program that will refer to the hair, recurring theme in the Grimm fairy tales, like Rapunzel.

Visitors are involved in a journey into a fairy tale with a dive into the world of literature at 360°. Finally there will be specific references to their creativity through historical artifacts, interactive maps and a variety of artistic masterpieces.

The Grimmwelt is located in Kassel, Weinbergtraße 21.