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Chapwani Private Resort In Zanzibar

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With untouched beaches and amazing Waters, Chapwani Private Resort is a beautiful coral island with amazing features meant for silent and peaceful holiday. Chapwani Private Resort is a perfect place to experience the beautiful natural surroundings of Zanzibar with the perfect display of Zanzibari Style and Tradition.

chapwani private island

Options available with Chapwani Private Resort
With several options available with Chapwani Private Resort, it features several options for the people coming to this place to experience one of the most mesmerizing journeys for a perfect holiday. With the accommodation matching perfect Zanzibari Style and tradition, the Chapwani Private Resort is always a delightful place to stay and enjoy amidst natural surroundings. The elegance and simplicity in style in the accommodation style display the true colors of Zanzibar tradition and style.

Facilities available with Chapwani Private Resort
There are several facilities available at Chapwani Private Resort. Featuring a swimming Pool, a Boutique, massage option, wedding arrangements, and other such, this place is a perfect amalgamation of wonderful features at the best price. The facilities available at this Private Resort allow a relaxed and peaceful stay away from the noise and hustle and bustle of city life.

Swimming Pool
Sea Water featured Swimming Pool is a perfect example on how the owners and management of Chapwani Private Resort thinks about ecological balance. In order to preserve the ecological balance, the swimming Pool features sea water, this Pool invites its guests to dive in and experience one of the most relaxing holidays while the cool breeze touches you!

The Boutique at Chapwani Private Resort offers a chance to the guests to experience local crafts, arts and other such. Run by the staff members of the Resort, this Boutique offers a chance for the staff members to increase their overall income.

Massage Facility
What a feeling it would be! To experience the massage facility deep in the laps of nature is nothing less than a heavenly pleasure! The best thing about this facility is that the first massage facility is entirely free in case, you are going to stay there for at least 3 days!

Wedding Arrangements
For those who are really looking for a different place for their wedding ceremony, this Chapwani Private Resort is a perfect fit. With the fully dedicated wedding arrangements on offer, the Chapwani Private Resort boasts of the weddings of a different style. With untouched nature and sustained glory of natural pleasure, the wedding ceremony would ever be remembered and is a perfect spot for the people looking for really special style wedding ceremony.

Activities at Chapwani Private Resort
With several indoor and outdoor activities at offer, the Chapwani Private Resort is a perfect place for experiencing several adventurous and unique activities. With numerous activities at this private resort, the guests are sure to have a mesmerizing stay at this private resort away from the city!

Experience the perfect destination spot for your holidays with Chapwani Private Resort!