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How to prepare a Sushi suitcase, tricks

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Are you ready for vacation? You have the ticket in your pocket and the hotel booked, but the suitcase to be prepared is your worst nightmare? Do not be afraid, here are some tricks to bring you a few things, but indispensable, with the so-called “Sushi suitcase“.

prepare sushi suitcase

The sushi suitcase applies the same system that is used to prepare the tasty rice and fish sandwiches, roll your clothing. A technique that will save you a lot of space in just one bag, while at the same time getting more clothes you would normally wear.

What are the tricks to organize a sushi suitcase? Rolling everything: clothes, shirts, jeans and tops are rolled up like rolls, with some cautiousness. For example, roll your shirts by leaving the collar inside, while for the underwear group it into a bag that will roll in turn.

Sushi suitcase is a method that goes a long way in summer, when the fabrics are very thin, but can also be used for a winter suitcase, rolling all the cotton garments and leaving room for the woolen ones, more cumbersome.

The sushi suitcase will allow you to create a lightweight, practical and smart suitcase, especially if you’re thinking of color and style matches, a step to do before putting it in your suitcase. Another positive aspect of this way of doing the suitcase is that by rolling them up, the clothes will not burst, but they will get stuck so they do not move freely in the suitcase.