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How to enjoy your holiday… despite the rain?

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What to do when the rain is coming to your holiday? The weather is not an exact science and it is possible that the rain comes to disturb your holiday. But bad weather is it synonymous with ruined holidays? Not always! Here are some ideas for a good time.

holiday with rain

Can you not walk because of the weather? Why not use this time to play with family? Games like tarot, belote, Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit will be for all of you with great memories and the opportunity to spend time together.

Do You like cook? So why not take advantage of the weathering for made a delicious meal, with ingredients from the region? And why not prepare a good cake for tea? To delight the taste buds of young and old!

You dream of going to a small bathroom but time does not lend itself … Why not go diving in the indoor pool closest to your location? So you can unwind and relax. Today, many pools are equipped with large tobbogans are both appreciated by children. For adults, the great leadership for the plunge bath or sauna, steam room and spa, some of which feature pools.

Finally, to be sure that your holidays are not spoiled, take favorite toys of your children, who might miss them, even if the sun is in the game. They will be reassured and will feel a little like home. Remember their crayons and run their challenges: drawing animals they saw during the day or the cake of their dreams … Enjoy!