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How to choose the best seat on the plane

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The flight industry has made major advances in aircraft construction technology and more and more attentive to every need, such as the latest addition to the super-technology Airbus A350 XWB, but those who travel often by plane to which the practical advice there is never enough.

best seat on plane

In this case here we give some suggestions on how to choose the best airline seats, because even in the cabin, it is not true that all seats are equal to each other. The best place to sit is definitely the 1A; regarding the Airbus fleet used by major airlines such as EasyJet and Alitalia for short flights deals. What is the reason? This place provides extra space to stretch your legs, gives a great view out the window (no first floor wing) and, in all probability; it is one of the first to be served during lunch. If you decide to opt for this choice, however, you should make sure you are well covered because, unfortunately, this is also one of the coldest places in the plane.

Instead the Boeing 777 used by Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Alitalia and Qatar Airways, the rows 44 and 45 are definitely to be avoided: little leg room, little room to recline the seat and positions too close to bathrooms and crew service area.

And then there are the professionals for finding the best place to sit, like those of the site SeatGuru, where, after selecting the plane of interest, you can collect information useful to choose a seat.

For example, Airbus A330-200 of KLM, better avoid places 41D, 41E, 41F, because due to how they were aligned with the other chairs, are more narrow, while the seats A10 and J10, although theoretically side window, not have a available window.

Even if there is no way to operate a real choice, to enjoy a peaceful journey: that is, to choose the best neighbor travel.