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Hawaii: A dream vacation to Lanikai Beach

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Well, let’s say more or less any beach of Hawaii could allow us to spend a dream vacation, but today we’re going to talk in a particular way to Lanikai Beach, a real postcard beach. If you are among the lucky devil who can take a trip to Hawaii, then, if you get the chance try to spend at least one day in Lanikai Beach, it’s really worth.

lanikai beach

White sand, clear shallows, an ocean tinged with blue, and the Turkish navy, Mokulua Islands in the background: what more do you want? The beach known as Lanikai Beach is actually little more than a mile, but it is well known among travelers for its particular beauty by postcard that will allow you to create the snapshots of a scream. In a positive sense, of course.

Forget the hustle and bustle of city life, here there is no parking, then resign yourself to park in the side streets and walk to the beach. However this particular inaccessibility has made ​​sure to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape. The advice is to go here on weekdays, if you’re lucky you’ll find it almost deserted, because of the week all prefer to reach the nearest Oahu beaches. But on weekends the beach fills up with crowds of tourists and locals.

Lanikai Beach is suitable for everyone: couples in honeymoon, beach lovers, families with children. The water is fairly calm, so also suitable for experienced swimmers. If you prefer a closer place and with more comfort, there’s always the nearby Kailua Beach, with plenty of parking, bathrooms, showers and picnic tables.

To Lanikai Beach you can enjoy your favorite sport, swimming, surfing or snorkeling, but you can also lay your towel on the beach and sunbathing. Eye to bring everything from home: in addition to being forced to reach the beach through the trails, there are no shops or vendors who can supply of food, water or surfboards, you must get equipped. And that there are no restrooms or lifeguards, it’s all in the name of nature and tranquility.