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Green Tourism: Travel to New Zealand

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New Zealand is an island country in Oceania located southeast of the Pacific Ocean and consists of two large islands, located about 2,000 kilometers south of Australia in the Tasman Sea, possibly being the “geographical isolation” which has allowed New Zealand maintains a wide variety of flora, fauna and green areas compared to other tourist destinations.

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The capital of New Zealand is Wellintong (known for its green hills and natural harbors city) and is located at the southern tip of the North Island. Another prominent destinations in New Zealand is Auckland, a city located on an isthmus originated by the rests of the volcanic activity of more than forty volcanic hills and destinations which include: Auckland Domain, one of the largest parks in the city: Auckland volcanic field, where are the volcanic cones not affected by mining activities; and Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, natural territory where we find the largest variety of shrubs present in New Zealand. If you like skiing then Vermont is the perfect destination for you and for stay you can choose ski resorts in Vermont and many other restaurants around the city.

Because of its location, natural attractions, parkways and ecosystem, New Zealand is considered a natural paradise, so if you plan to spend your next vacation in New Zealand, and you seek green routes in New Zealand, you have the following destinations as mandatory:


Taupo is a recommended destination in New Zealand to be considered the capital of adrenaline in the North Island. Taupo is based in the northwest of the lake formed by a volcanic eruption and boasts stunning natural wonders, among which the Huka Falls.

In Taupo you can make all kinds of outdoor activities: kayaking, golf, windsurfing, rafting, jet skiing, fishing, hang gliding, paragliding to horse riding activities. If we wish to go green routes, the Taupo there are many green routes that can be supplemented with visits to natural scenarios include geysers, mud pools and silica terraces.

Taupo becomes a temptation for the adventurous traveler, especially if you visit Orakei Korako, Wairakei Natural Thermal Valley, and Karapiti; destinations where you can view lunar landscapes decorated by impressive geysers. In Taupo can not miss the Huka Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in New Zealand.


Located on the east coast of the South Island, Dunedin is a city where the creations of man and nature live in harmony, highlighting its architectural designs where it is known its Scottish heritage.

We recommend visiting Dunedin in summer to perform outdoors, where the trekking stands. Dunedin is the capital of ecotourism in New Zealand, ideal for horseback riding on the beach or reached by foot to view its natural inhabitants as yellow-eyed penguin, sea lions, and seals.

New Zealand has one of the most impressive landscapes of the planet, spring and green forests, endless golden beaches, sea cliffs, snowy peaks in the mountains, volcanoes, rivers and glaciers, all in a country.

In addition, for fans of the green tourism are also recommended in New Zealand cities of: Hamilton; through which passes the largest river in New Zealand; Rotorua, where we also find geysers and hot springs like those of Taupo; Tauranga, for its beaches; Kaikoura, because can see whales near the beach like other marine animals; and Picton, because it is the city that is the gateway to the South Island.

The climate, vegetation, stunning scenery and variety of flora and fauna which owns New Zealand, make it a unique destination and recommended for nature lovers.