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Greece: the most beautiful beaches on the island of Zakynthos

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If you choose to go on holiday on a Greek island probably love the sea and appreciated the long beaches and cliffs where you can dive and swim in water that is clean and transparent. And if the island you have chosen is Zakynthos there are some places you need to know to enjoy a swim in the blue.

island of Zakynthos

We recommend that you start from Piazza San Marco and get away from the city for about ten minutes past the harbor and tennis courts, to arrive in an area normally frequented by the locals: a small field, the easy access to water and a tavern that offers all the necessary complete the picture.

Instead you can take the boat from Porto Roma or Agios Sostis for excursions to the sea arches and caves at Keri, where the boats anchor for you to swim in the crystal clear sea. The trips usually go on to the island of Marathonisi, which boasts a beautiful white beach where turtles staged willingly.

The beach of Navagio is imprinted on every postcard of Zakynthos: taken from above, is embraced by high rocks and retains for itself the great rusty wreck of a ship: surely the most photographed beach in Greece. On the western side of found then Porto Limnionas, a coastal area characterized by rocks and pine trees that reach almost to the sea: it is suitable for those who are not afraid of the pitfalls and embark on daring dives.