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Great Sand Dunes National Park

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The sand dunes of the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, United States, are not only a place of contemplation and discovery of nature in its most extreme forms, but also a kind of natural playground (and could not be otherwise, since we are in the land of amusement parks), where we are also playing, descending from the dunes. How? As you like, on foot, with surfing, snowboarding or skiing.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

And perhaps the hardest thing is to get here, in Moscow (it just as the capital of Russia), in Colorado, because then, the area occupied by the desert, which the venerable age of 444,000 years, is quite small, about 77 square kilometers, and the greatest danger that we run, is derived from the high temperatures reached during the American summer; even 60 degrees.

The dunes of the Great Sand Dunes have formed for a strange natural phenomenon, linked to the conformation of the territory. The sand is transported by the river that runs through this Valley, the Rio Grande, which is then carried by prevailing winds, up to the nearby mountain ranges (Sangre de Cristo Range); here the sand is deposited, the wind failing to carry it beyond the Mountaintop.

The park is open night and day, and the entry is valid for one week, it costs just $3, if desired, after obtaining the permission of the park, you can also camp inside. 37 kilometers from the nearest city, Moscow, 370 miles from Denver, connected to the park with U.S. 285. But if you come to Alamosa, 56 km from the park, there is a chance to catch the plane, and see the dunes from above.