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Flying with a child: our advice

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Although there is your “baby”, know that from 2 years, your child will not benefit an infant fee but a child rate… And up to 12 years only! Remember, if your child is 2 years during the trip, it will be a fee to Baby and Child Fare goes back!

Flying with child

However, for the minimum age, no problem: baby can take off from 3 days but pediatricians often ask to wait 7 days… Watch out for vaccines and procedures depending on the destination: it generally takes more than 7 days to obtain an identity document!

Each airline company applies a tariff policy different but overall, the reductions range from 70 to 90% for babies (while traveling on your lap or in a cradle) and 20 to 50% for children (with their own seat).

Recommend you provide a pacifier or a bottle for babies, chewing gum for the biggest, takeoff and landing. Chew will help to depressurize and thus reduce pain eardrums. And therefore to save the eardrums of other passengers, too!

Novelty, pressure, noise: very few children sleep on short flights. The airlines often provide small gifts to fill them but they know have a blanket or a game console is often the most effective! Also allow a blanket or warm clothing because of the air conditioning.

Here, you have all the elements to help your child to take off then good flight!