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flying with a child

Flying with child

Flying with a child: our advice

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Although there is your “baby”, know that from 2 years, your child will not benefit an infant fee but a child rate… And up to 12 years only! Remember, if your child is 2 years during the trip, it will be a fee to Baby and Child Fare goes back!

Flying with child

However, for the minimum age, no problem: baby can take off from 3 days but pediatricians often ask to wait 7 days… Watch out for vaccines and procedures depending on the destination: it generally takes more than 7 days to obtain an identity document!

Each airline company applies a tariff policy different but overall, the reductions range from 70 to 90% for babies (while traveling on your lap or in a cradle) and 20 to 50% for children (with their own seat). Read More »Flying with a child: our advice