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Dublin: Vital places of literature city

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Visiting Dublin means acquiring literary culture through its museums, but also means to enter in each of the corners that offer tourists and to provide a wealth of knowledge about the customs of the country.

Sights in Dublin

Many are the places of must-see arriving in Dublin, capital of Ireland, city famous for being the birthplace of famous writers and artists, where the travelers will discover completely unknown corners so far related to the literary theme and will surely impress.

What to see in Dublin
A key point where making the first stop once it has come to this city, is the Writers Museum, in which you can discover and find all the infinite literary heritage that has given the world for centuries.

As much as you know about English literature, certainly in this unique museum discovering something that will end positively surprised visitors.

Stories of famous writers such as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett or the famous writer of Dracula, Bram Stoker, are some of the many things to be learned by visiting this Gregorian mansion turned museum since 1991, located in north central of Dublin and where you can see both personal and unique cards in the world of these unique characters.

Sights in Dublin
And how could it be otherwise, will also be essential to visit here more famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, built in honor of the patron saint of Ireland and still remains primarily a place of worship is open to all people who want to visit on payment of a small fee to admire this unique architectural ensemble.

Another of the major attractions of Dublin for tourists is without doubt, the visit to the Guinness Museum. where you can enjoy a pint tasting and as well as a walk by its factory, where a guide will explain the ingredients used in the manufacture of one of the most famous beers around the world, its creative process, as taste it and all the history that has accompanied through many years of existence.