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Does travel in first or economy class?

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If budget is not your problem, traveling on a flight in business class can make a difference. But, is it worth it?

fly first class or business

Differences between economy and business class
When taking a flight, most people opt for the cheapest option, also known as “economy class”. Its price, much cheaper than first class or “business”, is what catches most people to fly with that option, despite having no advantage granted to board the plane in first class. What are the differences and which one is best?

Economy Class: cheap flight and without problems
If you choose the cheapest option, the service received is limited mainly to transport. With an economy class ticket, you get to the airport by public transport or by car, is usually done in long lines to check in the luggage, board the plane and not have any differential treatment compared to the other passengers: same seats that sometimes can become narrow, basic catering service (juice or coffee, usually), there is no possibility of internet connection, etc..

However, nowadays travel in economy class does not usually cause any problems and also to meet the desired objective: move quickly from one place to another world. So why is much cheaper than the first class or business? Let’s see it.

Advantages of fly first class or business
In this type of option we found high quality services and very delicious. For starters, it is normal that the company will offer us the option of moving to pick us from the hotel or our home with a private car and take us to the airport. Once there, a personal assistant loaded with luggage and takes care of handles it, even avoided the long lines being business class or preferential. What’s more, the weight limit on luggage is much greater than traveling in economy class. Back in the plane, the differences continue, reserving a portion of the plane especially for VIP clients, with Wi-Fi, wider seats convertible into beds or a very full catering service, with several drinks and selected meals. It is also common to have digital TV and a large number of thematic channels to view.

Finally, when it comes to land and leave the airplane, the first off are the VIP customers, they also collect your bags before anyone else. The problem? The price of these tickets is between 3 and 10 times more expensive than the basic version, depending on the airline.

Which option is best, economy or business class?
Realistically, the preferred business class or subject is limited mainly to rich businessmen with tickets paid by the company, and they obviously choose the option with more luxuries. Our advice is that unless you literally on the money choose always the cheapest option, as the task end (transport) is always fulfilled in the right way, and not worth spending so much money just for a little more comfort, being able to spend it in other things that you enjoy avidity.