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How to avoid dizziness when traveling

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Some suffer intense dizziness and nausea during a trip ashore. For all of them, here are some tips to enjoy the trip without problems.

avoid dizziness on a trip

Tips to avoid dizziness on a trip
When traveling by car, by train, by bus or by any land transportation, sometimes feel a malaise resulting in dizziness or nausea caused by the motion of the vehicle. It is a common evil can be remedied with little tricks.

The first is to avoid looking out the window. See how it goes past the landscape might be beautiful indeed, but certainly won’t help you to control the nausea and dizziness. Better focuses at a fixed point on the same car, preferably away from windows or crystals to the background image is also static.

Keep your head straight or slightly upward, not downward. Look at your feet would be to focus on a fixed point, of course, but also doubles your neck and you can make your condition worse. Also, keep your head up allows you to better breathing, which will relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.

By focusing on a fixed point, try to do it on a large object or static element. Do not try to read, watch DVDs, focus on motion pictures or small details, as this would make you strain your eyes and increase your chances of getting dizzy.

Acupressure to avoid dizziness
Acupressure, a technique derived from acupuncture, can do wonders in cases of nausea by the movement on a trip. Acupressure will help you give your energy balance, which almost instantly relieve you suffer dizziness and discomfort in the stomach. The best place to work is in the wrists; press them with the thumb of the opposite hand about 3 inches below the start of the palm. You can also use an armband or item that hold this area, in fact, in Chinese medicine shops you can buy bracelets specially designed to prevent motion sickness.

What to eat before traveling to avoid dizziness
Avoid eating fatty foods, too heavy, high in sugar or too spicy. It is better to eat light before journey, so that your stomach does not suffer the consequences of a bad or slow digestion as well as deal with the dizziness.

Liquids are the solution for almost everything wrong. Before, during and after a journey by car, always stay with a good level of hydration, drinking water or juices and avoiding the too sweet, alcoholic, with gas or other similar drinks. A good trick to avoid sickness on a journey is drinking an infusion of ginger, or a compound of natural ginger herbal pill.

A good food to eat before a trip is pasta with light sauces, as its have a good content of carbohydrates to keep you energized, and are easily digestible.