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Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can relax in New York doing a BBQ

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With a panoramic view of the beautiful skyline of Manhattan, you can not go wrong by deciding to take a walk along the different piers, jetties, of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is always a refreshing breeze coming from the river and the ferry takes just a moment, and just $4, to leave and return to Manhattan.

brooklyn bridge park

The Pier 4 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, 34 acres of urban park for the city since 2008, has just opened to the public, giving more space to the long and relaxing walks of New Yorkers. Relax, panoramic views, sports (there is also a bike path), paths along the water, are the main attractions of the park.

And many winter activities, but especially in the summer, such as live music concerts, outdoor cinema, games for children, rooms for a coffee or lunch, and pier 5, also a rest area for a picnic with BBQ.