Spectacular natural scenery, Thor’s Well on the Oregon coast in the US

Thor’s Well, almost sitting on the edge of the Oregon Coast, seems a mythological gaping hole over the abyss, which does not fill ever, despite the uninterrupted flow of sea water that disappears into its depths. But Thor’s Well, not to be confused with the wedge of Odin, it is not bottomless, although it still remains very dangerous.

Thor's Well

Also known as the exhaust pipe of the Pacific, in its “desecrated” version, the well is actually a hole in the rock deep probably only about 20 meters, nothing to do with the giant open pit mine in Siberia. But even if the well at the end is not as magical as it may seem, it is still a great place for taking pictures, preferably with the backdrop of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

Instead of fans (and reckless) naturalists are irresistible well in extreme conditions, such as at high tide, or during electrical storms. But be careful, because you are likely to be taken away by sudden streams of water, which often run into the well.

Thor’s Well is located within the protected area of Cape Perpetua, a part of the Oregon Coast (northwest of the United States), rich in forests and shine natural scenery, Devil’s Churn, or Spouting Horn.

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