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What are the steps to emigrate to the USA

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Emigrating to the United States has always been the dream of thousands of people. Don’t be one of the bunch and find out what is necessary in order to turn your dream into reality.

emigrate to USA

The desire to achieve a better quality life has motivated people to carry out a long, tired and cumbersome paperwork to immigrate to the United States. Sometimes the process is often seen as a problem, and sometimes unnecessarily requested the advice of experts in this type of paperwork.

Steps to complete paperwork
To begin the process and emigrate to the United States legally, it is essential to make an appointment at the embassy or nearest consulate. It is recommended to attend in person, as the case may be will be given a form that will have to be delivered the day of the hearing.

Commonly used DS-156 form, which allows visitors to request a tourist visa or business. In case you need a visa to work or study, the most commonly used forms are called I-797 and I-729, where data must indicate employment or educational institution, personal references and some background.

It is of vital importance fill all the rows of the form, since many applications are rejected simply because they did not complete it properly.

Once in the meeting, the basic documents to be delivered are: birth certificate, valid passport, personal identification, proof of marital status, medical examination, 4×4 inches photographs, possibly a resume, educational certificates and essentially the form above. These requirements must be submitted only when requested.

Finally, if your request is accepted, you will receive permission to emigrate to the United States in the place where you applied for appointment. The visa will be stamped in your passport, indicating the date of duration (2, 5 or 10 years maximum). It is important not to confuse the duration of the permit with the permanence in the country, which can be only 6 months to 1 year in a row, depending on the type of visa.

Tips for not failing in the attempt
It is helpful to have reference letters, letter of no criminal record and proof of English proficiency, as this type of information is often required without notice. It is convenient to photocopy all documentation before delivering it to have a backup in case of loss.

It is crucial to prepare for an interview which will be held at the time. You should try not to hesitate and be secure in the answers, since the smallest detail can directly affect the final decision. Avoid confusion and loss of time by applying the corresponding visa to emigrate to the United States.