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Visit London in low-cost, advice for travelers to Portfolio

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Visit new cities and discover the beauty and attractions that can offer is the dream of all travelers. Not always, though, you have big budget to devote to passion for travel. In the case of London, the situation becomes more complicated, the pound and the cost of living, one of the highest in the world.

visit london

London museums are among the favorite places of tourists due to the large number of works which house, among them the Greek and Roman archaeological finds or the paintings by Degas, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Many of them also offer free access. From the British Museum to collections and temporary exhibitions of the National Gallery, the capital of the United Kingdom contains a number of treasures that you can see live without putting hand to the wallet.

To enjoy the real atmosphere of London, simply relax in the gardens of the 8 Royal Parks, free and open all year round. It is possible, in fact, enjoy a sunny afternoon or have a picnic in Regent’s Park, Kesington Gardens and Richmond Park. Greenwich Park also offers a breathtaking view of London, from which you can recognize the symbols of the city such as Big Ben or the London Eye.

To indulge in a bit of shopping in London without spending big bucks, the markets are an ideal solution. The notes stalls of Camden, Portobello and Greenwich, which you can discover every Saturday, are an excellent opportunity to indulge in any purchase of any kind, from vintage clothing to handmade jewelry to antiques.

Even for hotel, London offers solutions stay good and affordable; you just need a little ‘time to find the offer on the web the offer with the price-quality ratio for us.