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Turkey, the statue of the prince who take selfie

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The Craze of selfie is taking a bit ‘too carried away. It is proof of this statue which is in Turkey that has become a tourist destination for fans of the self timer – because this means selfie – but also the subject of numerous controversies.

ottoman prince

The statue is located in Amasya and depicts an Ottoman prince while take a picture with the phone. The steel sculpture was commissioned by the municipality of this city of about one hundred thousand inhabitants in the north of the country not far from the Black Sea, and has been placed on Saturday, May 9 in the town square, immediately attracting many curious and many critics.

The statue is in fact a mix of ancient and modern iconography that many arouses laughter and angered many traditionalists: the prince, in fact, Ottoman clothing dress, holding the left hand on the sword in the scabbard with his right arm while taking a picture with an anachronistic smartphone.

A combination of periods which immediately made ​​an attraction for tourists and on the web, with hundreds of posts have fun but also critical to the revival of the memory of the Ottoman Empire, since to Amasya principles were taught and the city gave produced some sultans.

This attention, however, has forced the authorities to fence off the statue and give police surveillance after Sunday a vandal broke his phone and the other day was also damaged sword.