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Tips for traveling without a plan

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At the GPS and cell phones, it seems unthinkable to travel without a plan. Yet it may well be that you are on holiday and forget behind your maps and GPS. Under these conditions, how to not get lost?

traveling without a plan

Taking time
You travel without a plan but you know where you should go. The best solution is to take your time. Locate the lower panel are running and make your memory: the village was there or not on your route?

Rather than getting frustrated, stop when you meet someone and ask for directions. If you travel in a big city, do not seek advice at a red light at the risk of triggering a chorus of horns and could not hear the end of the explanations.

In the countryside, it can be difficult to meet someone. Take time to stop in a cafe or a bakery, traders will be happy to assist you.

Traveling without a plan is also an opportunity to discover landscapes or sites that you could not suspect with their noses pressed on a map.

The “greeters”
If you leave without a plan, you can enjoy the concept of “greeters” present in all major cities worldwide. This initiative connects tourists and locals who will guide you and give you all their places.

The old ways
If you really can not find anyone to help you, you can always rely on the sun, remembering that it rises in the east, sets in the west and south indicates noon. At night, the polar star can be your guide.