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traveling without a plan

traveling without a plan

Tips for traveling without a plan

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At the GPS and cell phones, it seems unthinkable to travel without a plan. Yet it may well be that you are on holiday and forget behind your maps and GPS. Under these conditions, how to not get lost?

traveling without a plan

Taking time
You travel without a plan but you know where you should go. The best solution is to take your time. Locate the lower panel are running and make your memory: the village was there or not on your route?

Rather than getting frustrated, stop when you meet someone and ask for directions. If you travel in a big city, do not seek advice at a red light at the risk of triggering a chorus of horns and could not hear the end of the explanations.

In the countryside, it can be difficult to meet someone. Take time to stop in a cafe or a bakery, traders will be happy to assist you.Read More »Tips for traveling without a plan