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Tips for haggling in the souks

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Haggle can be a real asset when we go on vacation. Morocco, Tunis, Dubai, as many souks to discover but also to destinations where the art of haggling will be needed to make good deals. Besides, did you know that in some of these countries, it will be very unpopular enough not to bargain before buying? Although haggling is not an easy task, overcome your fears by following a few golden rules very simple to succeed your shopping during your next vacation.

haggling in the souks

In all circumstances, be courteous and stay smiling. Bargaining is not done in order to create balance of power. In the souks there is more of a secular tradition conducive to building relationships. Do not show great interest in the coveted object. The seller could easily lower the price. This is also pretending to drop you get the desired price. Remain as neutral as possible!

Be careful not to offend the seller by criticizing the quality of its merchandise in order to get a discount. Know that when you start haggling in a souk, the seller expects a purchase from you. So avoid lengthy negotiations if you have no intention to make purchases.

Try to gather your purchases to play the reduction. The Art of Haggling in the souks, is to show that both parties are a good deal. But before you rush into buying, consider making a full turn of slack because many scams are known in most tourist souks such as Marrakech, Fez… You will also learn about the things of value from any person who welcomes you, whether you are in bed and breakfast for example. The premises will not hesitate to tell you a few places.