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The top ten forgotten items on board

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Raise your hand if you got off the plane and, once through the gate for the exit, he remembered that he had accidentally left something in the overhead, on the seat or in the door. Sunglasses, keys, iPod, coats, hats, souvenirs just bought in the airport of departure or the aircraft itself, the list are long and varied unfortunately.

forgotten items on board

A recent survey of British Airways has calculated that each year, only about their airliners, are lost over 30 thousand items departing arriving at London’s Heathrow airport alone, especially in summer, where passenger traffic is more frequent.

The British company had to draw up a list of the 10 most forgotten items on board, especially those entering the most bizarre and strange. There it is.

  1. A box of German sausages
  2. Infrared massager
  3. Dentures container
  4. Riding helmet
  5. A blue yoga mat
  6. A pair of Nordic walking poles
  7. Two felt cowboy hats
  8. Child car seat
  9. Booklet of the evening and morning prayers
  10. Tapestry.

Then there are less curious objects but that when they are returned – if forgetful passenger notices it in time – leave satisfied their keepers: an example are the plush children, who stop crying as soon as they find themselves, or forget wedding rings in the plane toilet.

The protocol of most airlines provides that when an object is discovered onboard after landing is kept for about 6/7 hours, after which it is left to the airport which takes care of the return process at the time it is claimed, with a small penalty.

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