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Ten ideas for cheaper travel

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Luxury in backpacking, adventure … either way you’ll always can cost a little less. Do not miss these simple recommendations you will save without giving up travel.

cheaper travel

Combine airlines
This simple idea can make us save money on airline tickets, although it rarely considered. It’s as simple as compare prices from different airlines and if the cheapest combinations are two flights of different companies, buys each way separately. It is also important to take into account the scales: If you don’t take a little longer, a flight with stopovers will probably be much more economical. Yes, try to both flights are with the same company, which will save you trouble (and probably money) in the case of losing the connection.

Book early
Much has been said of the offers ‘last minute’, but the fact is that the only way to save a lot of money on a trip is booked in as soon as possible. Especially if there are airline tickets involved, because they tend to rise as it approaches the flight date.

Used comparators
On the Web there are numerous websites where you can compare before long all the existing offer for flights, hotels, rental cars … You will get the best price and save time by being able to consult all in one place.

Alternatives to hotel
A hotel is the most relieved when looking for accommodation, but not usually the cheapest. Free yourself from preconceived ideas and commitment to alternative accommodation: from ‘Bed & Breakfasts’ to shelters of design through sharing apartments or houses. Traces on the web all the options available and are sure to find a cheap option that fits your needs.

Travel in mid season
It is obvious that in mid season everything is cheaper, but it is not about going to the coast in December or skiing in August … However, there are certain destinations that are worth traveling out of season. It is the case of the Caribbean: the best months to visit are that coincide with the European winter, since the hurricane season begins from June. There is high season, but the lack of tourism in Europe of that time they are released for good deals and vacation packages.

Fly midweek
If you can, avoid flying on weekends, as prices rise due to increased demand for leisure travel. Similarly, on Mondays and Fridays feature a high influx of business travelers, so too are days to avoid. Do the cheapest days? Generally Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. As for the hours, better at noon or at night. But if you travel by night flights, make sure there is affordable transportation terminal to transfer you to your destination, or if you end up paying the difference in fare finding a way out of the airport at dawn.

Weighs luggage before leaving home
Excess weight in the suitcase can cost average of 10 euros per kilo. If you want to avoid nasty surprises and headaches (pocket) at the information desk in the airport, check in advance what the maximum weight that the airline allows you to check in without paying a surcharge. With this figure in mind, weigh your suitcase before leaving and check for excess weight.

Free days at museums and attractions
Many museums and sights are cheaper or even free any of the weekdays. If you want to save on tickets, plan your trip for days you will find most useful: see also the free workshops (if any) of the places you’re planning to see and record your visit in the ‘planning’ for that day. If you prefer not to be subject to a strict plan, see the ‘City Pass’ available in many cities, which offer several attractions at a reduced price.

Disable your data rate
If you travel abroad and want to avoid shocks in the bill, we recommend turning off the data rate your phone before you leave home. If not, at the moment that you step on foreign soil begin pricing at a high price that can reach several hundred euros. If you think you’ll need the details of your smartphone abroad, roaming consultation plans your phone company and ask how much it will cost. If not, keep it off and take advantage of free wifi zone to use the phone.

Eat where the locals
Avoid eating in typical local for tourists, where the price is probably inflated. To find the authentic and cheaper, it is not necessary to finish eating at a fast food establishment, but simply inform about the places where the locals eat. Ask people you meet during your trip what his favorite restaurant.