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Preventing health problems during the vacations

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During the vacations, we are exposed to various ailments, both physical health, because the area we visited has features that are not accustomed. How to prevent these problems?

health problems during vacations

Preventing disease in vacation
Sometimes the dream vacation becomes a nightmare. The weather, the food and even the water we drink can make sick and leave us lying on the hotel bed. So to avoid vacation destinations become an enemy, heed the following tips.

Problems with the sun during a trip
The sun is a dangerous agent of tourist destinations, especially beach vacation, but also in cities. In different geographical locations to our origin, the incidence of the sun on our skin can affect us differently. Also the prolonged exposure to the sun can burn out and provoke us or discomforts fevers, inflammation and even discomfort, deprives us of travel places or do activities.

So always wear sunscreen at all times. Place it before leaving the hotel, and renewed its application each time, especially on the exposed areas. Wear sunglasses and hats that cover the top of your head and stay well hydrated, especially when you do physical activities as driven, simple sports or hiking.

Consumption of food and beverages in travel
On vacation you can eat all kinds of food, as long as your body is at least somewhat accustomed to them. The foods that you should preferably avoid are raw, fried, those that are too hot or too heavy as your regular diet. Always eat in hygienic and enabled places.

The drink should never be tap, as each city has its own water preparation conditions. There may be bacteria that are immune premises and you do not. Always consume bottled water, fruit drinks and others. Avoids drinks with ice, as it tends to be prepared with tap water.

Hygiene and health vacations
A great way to care for our health and avoid getting sick while traveling is constantly washing hands, preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially in our food. Then, take care of your health and hygiene regularly: do not take contact with public toilets, wash or sanitize your hands after taking contact places and public elements, and try to avoid contaminated sites, such as water or other channels.

Remember you also be careful with the locals. Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of the elbow when coughing or sneezing, and always use disposable paper handkerchiefs or running water to clean your nostrils. Remember to sanitize your hands after using a handkerchief, then to cough and covering your mouth with your hands, and also after making contact with other people or public places and crowded, such as parks, rides, attractions, private and public transport or other.

Preparation before and during the trip
Before the trip and during your stay at the destination, drink lots of water (more than what you drink at home) and consume natural foods that have good load of antioxidants, and by always washing and peeling them before and with your hands and face clean.