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Preparing packing for long trips

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There will be many days of travel, so the packing of the suitcase should be very thought out and strategic. Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting together your bags and get everything ready for a long trip.

packing for long trips

How to get everything ready for a long trip
When we set up the suitcase for a weekend getaway or a short trip, we put in there just a few changes of clothes, a more elegant garment, footwear and two or three essential use elements. However, when we set up the suitcase for a long trip the issue becomes more complicated. We must anticipate the needs of a long period of time in which we will have neither our wardrobes, neither our shoes nor accessories or everyday items.

But we may well put together suitcase for long trips in a simple and effective. And as always we suggest: what you need first is a little planning.

Weapon according to the destination
The first thing is to contemplate the needs. You must take into account how will accommodations, for example, to see if you need to bring bedding, blankets, pillows or towels also or personal hygiene items such as soap, hair products and more. If you’re going to stay at the hotel, see if they have Ironing Board and hair dryer, to know if you need to carry, in the event that you sole to use them. We recommend not taking “if”, it will occupy much space and if you need them sporadically, you can apply at the hotel, dry cleaning shops, or beauty salons.

Know the fate also will allow you to know if you carry a basic first aid kit or more armed and compound. It is not the same Kit which carries a hotel that needed to travel in a tent. Similarly, knowing the fate you know weather conditions, allowing you to see if you carry heavy coats, light, or products such as styling cream, insect repellent, sunscreen or other stronger.

What clothes to wear on a long trip?
Calculate clothes depending on the activities. Remember that virtually any city; you can wash clothing for reuse. While on a three-day trip loads with three to five changes of clothes, calculated on a long trip you can wear the same outfit once a week, or two, or as many prefer. Choose clothes that combine well with each other, including shoes and accessories, to minimize the amount you should take. Also, preferred synthetic fiber clothing, and is wrinkle least long be used without ironing.

Suitcase or backpack?
The choice of the suitcase is another particular subject. Surely you must have good ability, as you’re packing for extended trips. But at the same time, it should be comfortable to carry. Although backpack camper are large capacity, surely it will not be practical if your trip includes multiple destinations or if you are to stay at major hotels. Meanwhile, if you’ll be in tents and with many walks, the dongle is much more advisable to drag the suitcase. Best are bags or large bags with handles and wheels, which allow you a more easy portability, besides having great capacity.

How to distribute the items in the suitcase
To assemble best suitcase better place little delicate garments and footwear, as well as towels, sheets, and others, at the bottom of the pouch (placed on a bed on its side). Pants, jeans and other common clothing to be well stretched on a flat surface, and then rolled to avoid pronounced wrinkles and minimize the space it occupy. If you carry delicate items, wrap them in white tissue paper, that are not marked or dirty (or dye their) with the other garments.

Remember to be efficient at packing: put socks, scarves, accessories, belts and other footwear inside. Put lingerie in the lid of the suitcase, in a separate pocket to prevent damage or soiling, and to distribute it better, occupying less volume.

In the case of hand, takes to carry documents, papers, necessary medications and prescription, and more valuable items and small technology such as cameras, video cameras, or a wallet and Traveler’s checks, credit or debit cards.