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Packing for a tech savvy travel experience

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The tech markets are always abuzz with action. Whereas some manufacturers are busy experimenting with underwater vehicles to make your Caribbean travels more exciting, some are actually producing some special travel centric tech products that you’d not want to miss. Whether you wish to pack for a relaxed weekend with lots of gaming at luxurious and fully loaded Ibiza Summer Villas, or want to head off to seclusions of Alps, these products stake claims to your attention.

tech travel experience

The August Smart Lock – remote controlling access to your home, car, and whatever
How about remotely controlling the locking and unlocking of your house’s main door for your home help, while you are away on a tour? With the August Smart Lock, the technology used by the leading financial institutions in the world is packed into a lock which can be controlled via an application resting on your Android and iPhone devices. This is a keyless entry system that continues to be compatible with single cylinder deadbolts. Settings and access controls can all be managed through the application associated with the device. What’s more, if your smartphone is stolen, all you need to do is to visit the website and disable authentication from there. Though technically something that you’d not pack into your travel suitcases, this gadget is a must have for the techy traveler.

Translators straight from Star Trek, almost
Remember Star Trek, wherein you saw translator devices that faithfully translated the crazy alien voices into the user’s native tongue? Well, we’re still a few miles behind that level of sophistication, but you might want to check out Sigmo empowered translators that are as good as it gets in the modern world. Travelers who shirk from getting into really unchartered terrains because of language barriers would love using the device with its ability to translate 25 international languages in real time, thus making travel in foreign lands much more manageable. This one’s suitable for business and leisure travelers alike. The portability and sleekness of the device give you more reasons to contemplate packing it into your travel bags. Of course, you might also want to keep Google Translator app handy with your smartphone till the time you don’t possess this translator mastermind.

PetCube for all tech travelers having lovable pets
So many travelers find it hard to leave their homes because of worries of their adorable pets whom they never want to leave behind but can’t always afford to carry along. In comes PetCube, a superb device that helps you stay connected with your pets even when you’re away. All you need is a home Wi-Fi connection, and PetCube will connect with it just like 1-2-3! The video streaming capability of the device will help you track the movement of your pet. Built in laser pointers help you manage video streaming, and 2-way audio streaming ensures that you can hear your kittens mew and your doggies whimper. A mobile app accompanies the device, and the next round of shipping is set to span across all February 2015. Now this is certainly one device that any pet owning tech lover traveler will not want to leave home without.

GoPro Hero4 – the best aid for unsurpassed photography
If you’re into travel, photography, and technology, you would not be alien to GoPro. Hero4 is the new gen product from the GoPro range, and comes to you in 2 amazingly beautiful colors – silver, and black. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities on this device. Also, you will be able to click stunning photographs because of the ability of Hero4 to capture photos as heavy as 12 MB with 30 fps speed. Hero4 Black comes with a doubly powerful processor if you compare it with the predecessor, and is also accompanied with ultra- high-resolution. The Silver version is ideal for those who want touch display for image playback, adjustments and framing. Low light and night time will never be reasons to now hunt down memories in the form of photographs when you have GoPro Hero4 with easy manual controls and customizable exposure settings.

A credit card to juice up your iPhones
Portable power supplies are certainly not what you would call the new kids on the tech block, but the Wallet Titan is certainly in a league of its own. Shaped pretty much like a credit card, this sleep power device can easily fit into your wallet. Imagine how useful it can be at places where you are restricted or want to carry nothing apart from your smartphone and your wallet! Because of its compatibility with USB devices, it can be used to charge digital cameras as well. It has been tested extensively and is known to be juiced up enough to charge your iPhones to 60%.