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Overcome fear of flying, it is possible!

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We have all in our entourage a person for whom the aircraft is on the order of the impossible. Perhaps you are yourself suffering from this fear of flying can be very debilitating. Follow our tips to overcome that fear and go on holiday with a good foundation.

fear of flying

The fear of flying is understandable, due to the fact that one is in the air and not attached to anything, unlike the car or train. However, be aware that car trips are 90 times more dangerous than the plane, while the train is so only 45 times.

If the numbers do not convince you, and your fear of flying can risk you to miss your flight, you have the opportunity to participate in an internship for “Taming the Plane”, organized by some airlines.

Here explain everything, training staff in the management of technical problems. A personal interview will enable you to understand where your fear of flying.

However, if the opportunity to participate in such training does not show up, you still have the basic solution which is to prevent personnel crew, as soon as you climb on the plane, your fear of flying.

Indeed, the staff is highly trained and will reassure you and advise you. You will be encouraged to externalize precisely this fear by talking, and not keep it to yourself as this may make it worse.

Never ever use alcohol and/or medication during the flight, whose effects can be harmful to yourself, other passengers and flight personnel.

Another trick to calm your anxiety: choose your seat on the plane. Be aware that being positioned in the center of the device greatly reduces the sensation of shock. By putting you next to a window, you’ll have time to contemplate the scenery and stop thinking about your fear.