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Northeast of Argentina: Selection of places

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The north-east Argentina, border with Paraguay and Brazil, offers landscapes completely separate from the rest of the country. This hilly region is bordered by two major rivers, the Uruguay and Parana.

Iguazu Falls

It is famous for the exceptional Iguazu Falls National Park and the Jesuit Missions. The area of ponds and the lagoons of Ibera and the immense palm plantation of Palmar National Park is a paradise for lovers of wildlife and subtropical flora.

National Park and Iguazu Falls
Located at the northern end of Misiones on the border between Argentina and Brazil, World Heritage Site by Unesco offers a magnificent and deafening, the force falls, tropical vegetation and Red land. 275 waterfalls up to 72 meters in height are grouped on a front of 2.5 km. The national park is home to 2,000 species of plants, 400 species of birds, a variety of insects as well as many mammals and reptiles.

Jesuit Missions
They were founded at the request of the King of Spain in the 17th century to evangelize the Guarani Indians of the region, protect them from the Portuguese slave traders and make practice crop and livestock. Four Jesuit missions in the province of Misiones have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco: Loreto, San Ignacio Mini, Santa Maria la Mayor and Santa Ana, all open to the visit for a dip in the history.

Esteros del Ibera Reserve
Located in the province of Corrientes, these marshes extend 13,000 km2. This is one of the most exciting for lovers of wildlife photographic safaris, nature and untouched spaces: 250 species of birds, 85 mammals, 45 amphibians and 35 reptiles are protected in the heart ponds, lagoons, savannas and aquatic plants.

Note: the park is visited by boat or on horseback, need a guide.

El Palmar National Park
Without the Entre Rios province, El Palmar National Park protects yatay palm, a species that can measure up to 10 meters in height and produces edible fruit. The spectacle of these huge palm trees out of sight gives this place an unusual dimension.

Gualeguaychu Carnival
Near the border with Uruguay, in the province of Entre Rios, the Gualeguaychuest carnival reputed to be the largest and most beautiful in the country. Participants in the parade are “comparsas” bringing together up to 280 people and four tanks. Between mid-January and late February, 35,000 spectators come to watch the event. Orchestra, dancers and lightly clothed dancers, batucada, glitter and feathers, a Queen, a jury… all the ingredients are present for a memorable Carnival feast.