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Landmarks in Leon

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When planning a visit to Leon, we must take into account the impressive monuments and architecture of its capital as the beautiful landscapes and natural areas of the province.

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Leon is a crossroads, historic Santiago Road intersection and the Route de la Plata, its rapid growth in recent years has altered in a clear way its appearance by what has grown the concern of its people and authorities to preserve the architectural traces of its past, one of the stars of Leon offer is its varied cuisine, with game meats or poultry, their sausages, rounded scoop dishes and traditional desserts.

Visit the city of Leon
One of the most representative monuments of the city of Leon is the Hostal de San Marcos dating back to the 12th century and is now the luxurious parador. Another landmark is the Real Basilica of San Isidoro which is a Romanesque church of the eleventh century, the part of it that is of greatest interest is the Royal Pantheon where are buried many kings and nobles Leon and contains some stunning Romanesque frescoes. Other places to visit are the Guzman Palace and Gaudi building.

Special mention deserves the Leon Cathedral is undoubtedly the architectural jewel of the city, which was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, it is said to be the most genuine displays of Gothic that is in Spain. Emphasize its stained glass, choir and retrochoir, the chapel with its greater altarpiece; the remains of San Froilan Lion pattern are kept in a silver casket at the altar, the cloisters, the Chapter House and the Cathedral Museum which is accessed by a plateresque stairway.

Visit the province of Leon
In the province of Leon there are beautiful places like the sickles of the rivers Torio and Curueno where you can visit the caves of Valporquero. A trip by the valleys of Sajambre and Valdeon with the natural background of the Picos de Europa will be an unforgettable experience for its beauty; you can perform the Cares route starting from Cain. Other essential places are Las Medulas, the northern zone of Ancares, Astorga and Cabreras.