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Air Travel with Pets: sanitary and other tips

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For air travel with pets need to have pets by vaccines, traveling in a carrier regulatory and convey calm to prevent animals are disturbed.

air travel with pets

To travel with pets by air is necessary to know that according to the weight will travel in vault or in the cabin; in addition, the primer which include regulatory vaccines must be submitted. It is also important to use elements that belong to the animal to not feel alone while traveling or overwhelm the new circumstances.

Cabin or vault?
If the animal weighs more than 6 pounds must travel in the vault for what there will be needed an authorized cage adapted to his size; before purchasing, should find out if the company in which we travel has some sort of regulatory specification with respect to same size. If it is a lighter animal, travel in the cabin.

It should be recalled before transporting your pet by air must present a veterinary certificate that verifies the good health of the animal and its primer with vaccinations in rule. In case of international flights you must pay attention to the special requirements that each country requires for its import.

It should be noted that prior to traveling with pets by air is important to remember that all pets must be neat and strict compliance regulations of the company with which we fly.

Tips to meet
It is important to bear in mind that the way in which the owners live transfers, pets perceive it, so it is very important to stay calm and provide security. Especially if it is the first trip of pet could be decisive in their next moves, the more peaceful living this event, its will be less traumatic future trips.

A good measure for air travel with animals is to not feed them for 8 hours before at the time of pre-boarding, to avoid suffering stomach upset during flight, and lavish them only a sedative should be mandatory, this should be discussed with your veterinarian who knows him and always attends.

Also placed inside the cage a cushion or some element that is of the pet and has not been washed and his favorite toy is often very important for the animal feel belonging to space and quiet to face the problem. In addition, the owner must not leave him profusely, then transmit anxiety and suffer through the experience.