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How to make more pleasant bus trip

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If traveling by bus and continued for several hours, the journey can become unbearable. What can we do to make the bus ride more enjoyable?.

enjoy bus trip

Improving bus trip
If you are someone who must travel long distances by bus to go to work, study or for any reason that forces you to move more easily through this transport, you know that at the end of the week the tiredness is felt also that each trip can be completely tedious and boring.

To buffer the effects of a long bus trip, here are some tips that will help to make the journey more enjoyable. It is clear that some can be silly and simple, but sometimes with the hassle of the trip we forget them.

Ideas to enjoy bus trip

  • Try to book the tickets in advance if you have the possibility, to be sure that you will sit. Some companies do not care about passenger comfort and sell tickets even when there are no seats. If this is your case and you can plan ahead for the trip, buy the ticket several days before to make sure that you will sit.
  • To make the trip in collective you less tiring, it is advisable that you use the seats that are located in the center of the collective. This is the area in which there is less movement because it is the place where the wheels are further away. To sit down above or just behind the wheels, it will do that your body shakes off more, and therefore, that you do not achieve a good rest.
  • Listen to your favorite music, whether with an MP3 player, radio, cell phone or whatever. Also leverages to enjoy the book that does so much you want to read, buy a magazine, newspaper, get a few puzzles to pass the time, etc. Keeping busy will make the time go faster and the bus trip more pleasant.
  • Rest, trying to sleep. It is clear that not everyone can sleep in the uncomfortable seats of the groups. If you are someone who does not sleep in travel, try to do it every time you get on the bus. You will see that over time your body will get used, and without realizing it you will start getting easier to sleep when traveling.
  • Look out the window, distracted mind, let fly your thoughts, you’ll see that happen a number of ideas, or will even create new projects in the future, without meaning and without calling them.
  • If you have a notebook, on the bus will have a great source of entertainment. You can listen to music, watch movies, catch up on work, play games etc…
  • Organize your schedule for the week. Be sure to include any recreational activity, such as a weekend dinner.
  • Take the opportunity to create new friendships. If you travel often, you will find many people in the same situation and also be willing to chat with another person.