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How to choose where camping

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The venue for your tent is very important. If we want to enjoy a peaceful and enjoy the outdoor life, we have to choose it according to some aspects which discussed in this article.

Ideas when camping

Ideas when camping
When assembling the tent, we find the best place that we have available. If camping sector is already known to us or advised by a friend, no problem just is a matter of arriving at a destination and installed. But other times, we can go aimlessly, and then it is better to follow the following tips.

The first will be in the area where we are, or look different camper guides. We know about the designated areas for camping and the rules that have such places. At the sector chosen, we must take into account other situations.

How to choose where camping
When camping tents should be installed away from the bathroom, away from the place where garbage is deposited before being removed and the road is very busy. In addition, the place should be rather high, dry, and protected from strong winds.

Also we must note that the tent is not all day in the sun or shade, the ideal is to give about 2 or 3 hours of sun, and during the rest of the day, shadow.

To locate the tent correctly, we must notice that the door of the same one never faces the wind. To know of where the wind blows in the area, we must look at the slope of grass or branches of trees. Also keep in mind that the door should be slightly lower than the rest of the tent, so that in case of heavy storm, the water can get to enter not be distributed throughout inside.

When it comes to camping, we must never place the tent near riverbeds, canyons, in front of lakes near power lines or dry riverbeds of streams, time to do much more to be found in that state, since all these places are very risky.

Another tip when camping is that you should always keep your surroundings clean and not leave food scraps lying, to prevent unwanted visitors, whether vermin or insects, come to tent.

Something that should also be taken into account when camping is that you should never leave personal items or clothes hanging in the night, as the evening dew wets. Same for the food, at night you must ensure that everything is well sealed to prevent food spoilage.