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Behave in an airport

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In an airport many cultures are mixed and idiosyncrasies, but the rules of conduct are for all. It is important to know how to behave at airports to prevent disturbances and inconveniences.

behave in airport

If you are about to travel, whether for the first time or if you’ve already done it before, you should know that there are codes of conduct to follow in airports and on board aircraft. Knowing these rules will allow you to avoid unnecessary trouble, especially if you travel in contingents or with your family. Let’s see how we should behave in an airport, to avoid these unpleasant incidents.

Observe the signs of an airport
All airports and public areas have identification signs and codes of conduct. Watch them carefully. If you are not known english and do not understand them, ask the airport staff counseling. These signs will facilitate your movement through the airport, without causing delays or problems.

Observing the prohibitions
In these places there are also signs that let you know just the permissions and prohibitions of airports. Look at the code of conduct, according to these guidelines. Do not smoke if it is forbidden, and do not take pictures if there are signs or signals indicating it. Do not use electrical appliances in restricted areas. Remember that these signs are present obligations, and you can be arrested for non-compliance.

Keep conduct in an airport
Observe the hygiene and health behaviors, in consideration of others. When you sneeze and cough covering your mouth and do not dirty the place. Keep in mind that airports are areas of frequent infections such as colds and related illnesses due to the failure of these simple behaviors of public and private hygiene.

Also keep decent behavior at all times. Dress appropriately, do not shout and do not fight with each other. Remember that many are anxious and nervous about their travels and verbal fights are ineffective, although very frequent in areas with too many people in one place.

At an airport always retains your luggage with you at all times. Avoid drinking alcohol before a flight.

Be considerate of others
Although you’ve flown thousands of times, there are many people for whom it is the first time, and some suffer from deep nerves and phobias in airplanes.

When you’re at the airport, try not to talk about bombs, accidents or issues that may affect others, and even increase, or blasted their phobias. This can not only make you drive out of the place, but it is also very inconsiderate towards your neighbor.