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How to choose a hotel in New York?

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You go to New York soon, you swept the different types of accommodation and your choice stopped on a hotel stay. You just have to choose between thousands of hotel. How do you choose?

choose hotel in New York

Determine your budget first and foremost. Indeed, various selection criteria that follow (e.g. location) will depend primarily on your budget. Attention also to the period: needless to say that the summer is the most expensive. Allow approximately between 150 and 200 dollars a night for a decent room, that is to say, without cockroaches in the bathroom, which is not tiny, where the welcome is warm and the location rather advantageous.

Choose your location. For smaller budgets, we recommend a hotel in Brooklyn. Budgets for the “average” are the best course to stay in Manhattan. The ideal location is in Midtown because you are close to everything (Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building). You can actually explore the city on foot (avoid possible transport!).

Do not hesitate to go on the internet to see the opinions of people who have stayed in this area.