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Holland, when and where to go for the blooming tulips

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Without wishing to too stereotype, but the ‘Holland’ is definitely the land of tulips and windmills. The two are inseparable from centuries characterizes this country and that enriches the commercial and tourist point of view.

blooming tulips

In fact, many tourists that go through the Dutch countryside to get lost in these endless fields of tulips, the colors and different shapes: yellow, pink, red, purple, these flowers are a delight to the eye and are a tourist attraction for millions of people from all over.

This is a good time to admire the tulips in Holland: flowering fact is from March to May, particularly the mid/late March to late May. The middle of April is the perfect time, but even after there are still flowers to admire, because in the polder flourish also hyacinths, crocus, gladiolus and other varieties.

The areas where you can admire the tulips are different: the first is the Kop van Noord-Holland area, the peninsula where in the city of Den Helder, Petten, Nieuwe Niedorp and Wieringerwerf are many and colorful cultivated fields.

Then there is the Noordoostpolder, northeast of the Netherlands, in particular in Emmeloord, where even the Tulip Festival, which this year will be from 14 April to 8 May.

Finally, the best tourist area for tulips would have seen around Lisse, between Haarlem and Leiden, not far from the capital, Amsterdam. Here is the park Keukenhof, where thousands of tourists flock to admire the blooms.