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Good reasons to travel this year to Jordan

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Brimming with history, culture and heritage, Jordan has become an essential destination for all travelers thanks to the magic of its countless attractions. Petra is the best known of them all.


Though fame and beauty have been reinforced after being appointed in 2007 as one of the New Wonders of the World, Petra was already being called much earlier as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. The facade of the treasury is the great icon, but the old city visitors see a prodigy finds excavated in the rock where we find tombs, dwellings, ancient theater and temples.

But the Hashemite kingdom spills into charms that go far beyond the well-known and beautiful Petra. There are many sites where discerning visitors find exactly what they seek, from diving with dolphins in Aqaba until the brilliant mixture between spa and natural dead sea flotarium passing by the unique possibilities of getting to know the country following legendary routes in the most diverse transport.

This applies, for example, which is done on horseback for several days by the ancient trade routes of the silk, spices and incense. You can also follow the route of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, from the north to the south of Jordan in 4×4 vehicles. Another option is a camel caravan to follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in the central highlands and eastern deserts of the country. Also, you can make along the desert routes steam trains of the First World War.

On the other hand, the Rift Valley is home to one of the most beautiful in the world, located at 410 meters below sea level: the Dead Sea. It’s a unique place that combines the properties of a spa and a flotarium, and throughout history has attracted such illustrious visitors as King Herod or the Cleopatra herself. Also, the place has a hotel infrastructure of the highest quality where you can enjoy the most exclusive treatments of both health and beauty.

In another sea that bathes Jordan, in the Red Sea, find a diverse and rich ecosystem that is home to more than 1,200 marine species rising as one of the most spectacular places for scuba diving. The beautiful coastline, the indigo water and coral reefs attract travelers throughout the year. Nearby Aqaba Red Sea, on the other hand, is famous for scuba diving and other water sports as jet skis, water skiing and windsurfing.

Adventure lovers can also enjoy hiking in the mountains of Wadi Rum. It is a desert valley located at high altitude (1600 meters) in the middle of a mountainous region consists of granite and sandstone in southern Jordan. Its beautiful lunar landscape, the tranquility of the boundless empty spaces, ancient drawings of the stones and the omnipresent footprint of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, make it a unique landscape. You can enjoy this unique desert in a helicopter, balloon or hang glider.

On the agenda for nature lovers should also include, the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a valley area that intersect mountains from the top of the Rift Valley to the lower part of Wadi Araba. We will find 690 species of plants and more than 450 animals, many of which are endangered.

Furthermore, Amman, the capital, combines the traditional aspects of the country with western cosmopolitanism, ancient and modern, bustling markets with a varied nightlife, while Jerash, with more than 6,500 years old, is considered one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world.