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Flying during pregnancy, until may a pregnant woman?

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They call it “the sweet waiting”, but then actually not all pregnant women want or can remain in sweet doing nothing for nine months. Consider then that many who need to move, to travel, for business or for leisure, with the plane. The question that then arises is: to what stage of pregnancy you can travel by plane?

flying during pregnancy

If you ask anyone and the network is full of forums and tips on travel at high altitude during pregnancy. Here we describe all the things that you need to know for pregnant women who face a trip by plane.

First, it is good to ask an opinion of your own gynecologist, especially in cases where the pregnancy is being carried out is not easy; generally, however, travel by air is considered safe. The period is most recommendable to fly from 4 to 6 months, but because it is the most comfortable for the new mother, who in the months before faced nausea and drowsiness, which would make a trip even more complicated.

It is important, when you book a trip, check the health card and travel insurance are valid, as well as bring the documents confirming the expiration term of pregnancy. Many companies also require you to fill out a form of compensation before the flight.

We come now to the practical aspect: where to sit. It’s best to choose a seat with space for the legs, or a place in the hallway (near the emergency exit). Since traveling during pregnancy can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis are advised to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes, drink lots of water, get up and walk around regularly to stretch your legs, or doing exercises while seated. If you face a long journey, it is preferable to wear compression stockings to prevent swelling.