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Culture and spirituality in the Kahoolawe island

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All peoples and cultures have their religious beliefs and sacred places. Kahoolawe is one of them and for this reason the authorities safeguard.

Kahoolawe island

This islet located in Hawaii is the smallest of the archipelago. With the US occupation until a few years ago it served as a military testing ground, but the federal government changed its mind and declared Kahoolawe to protected natural reserve.

Background and Nature
Since World War II was dedicated marine territory and a few years ago the U.S. president appoints a body dedicated to the care and canceled the military status of that territory, passing conservation. Previously he served the natives as criminal and prison.

Entering the place is restricted, but may be by authorization. The use that can be made of Kahoolawe is tourism, research or environmental, but never for commercial purposes. The watch on the inside and outside is constant.

Its land is arid and maintenance managers perform a work of reforestation with native or adaptive plants, plus the implementation of aquifers. Among the plants that have found a good reception is the Australian salbush. Visits to this place of teams of observers and students tend to be frequent.

Kahoolawe for Hawaiian encompasses a mystical and religious character. Long before the American occupation, already had its own legend and was the refuge of the God Kanaloa. He is worshiped and revered by all the natives. The most obvious sign of worship is through surfing.

This idol associated in turn with Kane, the master of creation. His story begins with the expulsion from paradise of the gods and condemnation to hell, but returns and is reincarnated within the oceans and manifests in the form of waves and hence lies his importance within the local mythology.

The defense of the local population by this natural spot is interesting. Even on the Internet there is a web site where reported news of expeditions, competitions and requests for bills and requested even donations. The involvement of local organizations to care for Kahoolawe is admirable.