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A Walk in the Maritime provinces of Canada

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The maritime provinces of Canada are full of places of cultural and historical interest, the visit can be combined perfectly with cultural and leisure activities for the night.

Maritime provinces of Canada

If any picturesque destination with activities both winter and summer, the Maritime provinces of Canada is a beautiful holiday destination. In recent times has grown year on year the number of tourists who visit and not without reason. Its history and weather make them a place to meet and enjoy.

Canadian Maritime provinces form a region located in the Atlantic Ocean consists of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These territories were the founders of the Federation of Canada in 1867, federation established Canada as a free and independent country.

The maritime provinces of Canada are composed of mountains, beaches, shopping trips, museums, art galleries and nightclubs. About the visit discover its mix of ancient and modern architecture and enjoy its marine foods. Until recently its economy is based on mining, forestry and fishing, but that is behind thanks to the number of tourists every season come to know them.

The first of the provinces are Nova Scotia. It is located in northern Canada near the island of Cape Breton. The capital Halifax, offers a rocky expanse to visit and a delicious sand beaches for the summer. It is imperative to try its culinary specialty: lobster. As forced tours we have the church of Saint John’s, the Historic Properties and the Public Gardens. In winter skiing is a great activity.

The second of the provinces are New Brunswick. It is situated northwest of Nova Scotia and east of Quebec. Nights of theater and culture make it difficult not to enjoy its hospitality. Fredericton capital, offers its Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick Theatre and the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. In summer the weather is warm in winter and below zero.

The third of the province is Prince Edward Island also known as the Garden of the Gulf. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It specialty, as throughout the region are lobsters and seafood. Cultural activity is based in theaters, we can find in the cities of Victoria, Georgetown, Mont Carmel, Summerside and, obviously, its capital Charlottetown. It also has shopping and white sand beaches.