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10 curiosities that airlines do not want you to know

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If you are a girl who constantly goes on a trip or thinks to do it soon, you have to know some secrets that hide the airlines to their passengers. Surely when you get on that plane you will feel more informed and even take more precaution when using devices such as hearing aids or blankets that you get when it is very cold.

secrets hide airlines

1. Say NO to the vouchers: If their flight was oversold and if a new one has not been boarded after two hours, the airline will have to compensate you with cash.

2. Nothing new: Those hearing aids that the stewardess gives you are NOT new. Who knows how many people have put them in their ears? And no wonder if their ears were clean or dirty.

3. Pilots sleep: They do more than anything during night flights. The one who takes the reins is the co-pilot. Don’t Panic!

4. Compensations: When the trip is delayed by one or two hours on a domestic flight, and between one and four hours on an international flight, they will have to compensate you for the one-way ticket.

5. Cheaper Tickets: Executives traveling less on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, but that does not mean that tickets are always cheaper those days.

6. Food: The food that the pilot and co-pilot eat is different from the one served to you. Why? It turns out that this way they avoid being poisoned.

7. Claim when baggage is delayed: If what you brought in your suitcase was indispensable for your trip, let them know and they will have to compensate with the money.

8. Modification of the schedules: Did you know that the airlines change the arrival times? They delay them from 10 to 45 minutes. With this they avoid paying compensation for delays in flights of more than three hours.

9. No interference: Before taking off or seconds after doing so, the crew asks you to turn off the electronics. It is not because these interfere with the operation of the airplane, but because it causes noise in the pilot’s hearing aids.

10. Limited oxygen time: If you are afraid of airplanes and you think that the safety mask will save you, do not be so sure. They only have oxygen for 15 minutes. What?