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Widen Your Horizons

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Why do we travel, or rather why should we all travel more? It is not because we are unhappy where we are currently, or that we are looking for an escape – these reasons are perhaps too negative. Instead let’s look to some positive reasons for to widen our horizons and travel more. In this article we look at the positive effects that travel can bring to each individual that partakes. Whether it’s off to the other side of the world to a Martial Arts retreat to learn Qi Gong, or simply 200 miles down the road to another part of the same country, all travel is great. Your adventures do not have to involve Qi Gong if you don’t want, pick what excites or interests you and then build your travels around these. We’re all different, and the World is a wonderful place, so why stand still? Let’s get moving, and here are the reasons why travel will be great for you.

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We cannot expect to do the same thing day in and day out and get different results. In other words, unless we add some variety into our lives, then it is possible that we will become stale, tired, bored and unfulfilled. Travel is the perfect remedy to cure this, whilst it isn’t upping roots, it is testing the waters elsewhere – seeing the wonders of the World in all their glory. Returning home after travelling may seem disappointing, but it creates memories that can last a lifetime that can be recounted at any low moments and moreover can act as an inspiration to live your life more. In this sense travel is truly transformational. Through encounters and experiences, you will change your very being to the core, become a better person, or put another way, become an improved version of you. Really there is no reason not to do it, save for financial, so if you can start planning!


Even on the most basic of holidays, have you ever noticed how much more sociable you become? For some reason, being away from home makes people friendlier, chattier and more acceptant of others. These are great characteristics to develop, and there is absolutely no reason why, upon your return, you can’t carry on these new found levels of acceptance, tolerance and friendliness.

You’ll gain confidence from being away from home too. Just imagine not being able to retreat away from the world, but having to deal with it head on. It will make you a stronger, more open person, who will be able to deal better with life’s problems when they arise on your return home. You’ll realise that if you can achieve some goals, you can achieve many more.


Travel gives us the gift of today, this moment, right now. Far too often we spend our lives living for the future, or worrying about the past. When you travel however, you learn to appreciate what is happening and what is present in that very moment. You will see and feel much more, and if you can then bring this attitude home with you all the better.

Adopting new attitudes to life is a great result to be gained from your journeys. Having seen what others have (or don’t), how they cope with their lives, and what matters to them will open your own eyes to new ways of thinking. Instead of fretting over things, you may be able to simply roll with the punches. Although it may sound counter intuitive, people with anxiety do benefit from traveling, once they have conquered their initial fears of doing so. If you can enjoy something and at the same time it benefits your mental health and wellbeing that has to be a good thing, right?


What we’d perhaps avoid at home, we are so much more willing to try when we’re away from home. Whether this is in terms of cuisine, experiences or adventures, then travel seems to loosen our nerves and reservations and give us a new found spirit of engagement and excitement. It doesn’t mean we all have to travel to New Zealand to jump of bridges, but it is all relative. Trying anything new is a great way to broaden the mind and any long held beliefs, prejudices or perceptions.

So it is recommended that when you experience the urge to do something that previously you may have dreaded, seize the opportunity with both hands, and enjoy it for what it is – an adventure. You’ll come away with a new zest for life, a revitalised spirit and sense of fun that will hopefully stay with you long after you return home.

Real People

Not for a moment do we believe that the people in your life are not real, but they often tend to reflect your own characteristics – people who share your interests, hobbies etc. When you are travelling you meet a much broader spectrum of what would best be described as real people. Granted, you will not necessarily like or get on with everyone you meet, but it is also nice to step outside of your comfort zone and experience the world through another’s eyes. Whilst this may solidify your current set of believes and principles, it may also broaden your views and ideas and moreover challenge any long held views. This is only a good thing, otherwise we may all become stale.


Having to deal with issues abroad can be more challenging, but it helps you learn to problem solve and cope with life better. These are skills that are transferable. Whilst you think that potential new employers may question the fact that you went travelling for 6 months rather than working, it may in fact be a positive selling point. If you are competing for a role with other individuals, the extent of your experiences will be compared to theirs. If you can demonstrate that yours are more numerous, varied and indeed transferable as skills, then you will be putting yourself at the head of the line for that new job. Travel can make us stand out from the crowd and can also give life skills that simply cannot be learned in a classroom or on the job.


Travel can benefit your personal life in so many ways too. If you travel alone then you may meet and make new friends from the numerous characters that you come across. These friends, if based around the world can be a base for future adventures and can keep your mind open to the different ways of life that exist.

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If you travel as a couple or in a group, then your shared experiences will strengthen the bonds between your companions. Whether these are romantic or platonic, the things that you see and engage in together will stay as memories forever and will acts as a sturdy foundation for the relationship in the future. Having fun alone is great, but having fun with others is so much better!

Travel is something to enjoy, not endure. Forget about possible flight delays, different foods etc. Instead embrace the adventures and experiences that will undoubtedly cross your paths. If you worry that a holiday is only a break from normality, try and gain something from the trip to take forward into everyday life. Meet new people, try new things, take some chances and learn to relax.

Instead of seeing a holiday as something to just look forward to, see it as a real chance to develop your character, your views and outlooks, as a means of changing how you see the world, or even how you live your life. This isn’t saying that all holidays are truly transformational, they are not, but travel can be – you just have to let it!

So next time you are looking for a break, really think about where to go, and where you’ve been and perhaps go somewhere new. If not, try something new instead, meet new people, taste new foods, feel the sun on your back and turn to face it with a smile. Instead of seeing travel as a break from reality, embrace it as a means to change, adapt and improve. There is so much to see and do, to experience and learn, to taste and explore that you’d better get started soon. It’s time for you to begin a new adventure and a new way of life.