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What to take on a trip with babies and children

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When we go on a trip with children or go on vacation we can succumb to the temptation of carrying too many things. However, depending on the destination and the means of transport, there are things that are going to be essential, but always with the basic premise of carrying what is just and necessary.

trip with babies

Before Travel

What we should prepare for the trip will depend a lot on the transportation time, the means we will use and the age of the child.

The first thing to keep in mind is our son’s food. If it is a baby that takes exclusively the breast, the food we have resolved. If our child drinks a bottle, we must count on having the milk powder in a well-closed bottle and having adequate bottle water and thinking about where to heat the milk.

If he already drink solids it is easy to give them during the journey foods that do not need previous preparation or to be heated, like a banana or cookies, but, if the child takes porridge, we should have them already made and in good conservation. If we give them baby food, it’s time to put them in the bag. I always advise to put something more and a certain variety, just in case the child that day rejects any specific food or we drop our food.

In addition, you should put wipes, diapers to be used, tissues, a good bib, and, for the time we are walking or stretching our legs, a baby carrier, preferably a scarf and a change of clothes in case he stains or vomits.

Although it is hot, it is very possible that, especially on the train or plane, it is cool with the air conditioning. So, either we use the scarf to wrap it up or we should wear a large pareo that makes a light blanket. I say this because the blankets of public transport always give me a little repels and are fabrics that are not pleasant to the touch for a baby.

It is important not to forget a doll, toy or object that is important for the child. Many children are used to seeing stories, reading or being told before going to sleep. No matter how active they are during the day on vacation, or however tired they get at night, they will like to keep this routine so enriching. In addition, for journey by car or other mean of transport, a good book or stories, or even an audiobook, will allow them to spend those hours without being overwhelmed.

In the destiny

We go back to the food, then, with the babies and the children, there will be things that we have to have planned.

If you breastfeed, little is necessary. However, for some moms, taking a breast pump can be useful; at least it took them out of some trouble. Include, if we use them, some breastfeeding discs if we do not want to buy them at the destination or for the first days, it also comes in handy.

Although we can buy milk and bottles at the destination, we will probably have to take them from home to go ahead. We will have to have foreseen the way in which we will sterilize bottles and teats.

For walks the essential thing is the baby carrier or backpack, which will allow our son to accompany us wherever we go and will sleep so richly in addition. If we use a stroller from which the child feels, it depends a little, when I have traveled and needed one, I preferred to buy a chair of those cheap ones and then leave it at the destination instead of hauling it.

The wipes and diapers we can surely buy, unless we prefer cloth or ecological diapers, which may be better to take them from home.

We are going to talk about health. It would be necessary to have the sun protection that the child uses and also a small kit with the most basic for the most common ailments; because when it is bad we will not have to look for the pharmacy at midnight, as it usually happens.

And finally, if we have not traveled by car, it is essential to have a proper retention system in the destination if we are going to make some displacement. Some rental companies have car seats on request, but if that is not the case, we will have to take it with us. It is a staple item along with baby food.