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Trip to Central Florida: An adventure to enjoy and discover

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The end of the year season and school holidays are approaching, an opportunity to enjoy and share with family; and if you are looking for a travel destination where both young and old have fun, mark their coordinates to Orlando, in the state of Florida, in the United States.

Orlando is not only the paradise of theme parks, but a magical place that opens the doors to entertainment. In the morning you can be on a safari; in the afternoon, tour historic gardens, and in the end, reach the moon in Apollo 11 as a special guest.

trip to central florida

An hour and a half from the airport is Titusville, a pleasant city in Brevard County – you can stay at the Fairfiled by Marriott – which becomes the epicenter of a ‘space’ trip to the Kennedy Space Center.

In this place, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the USA. In the US, it is possible to learn about the history of the space program and visit the facilities of NASA, where the trip to Mars is prepared in secret.

Before entering the Kennedy Space Center, in the information area, visitors can rent cars for children or wheelchairs. The visit to the space center begins in the Heroes and Legends module, which shows the beginnings of the space race to this day, the stories of astronauts and significant elements of each attempt to explore space.

Each part of this area has computerized equipment that will allow tourists to interact with the narrative moment and have a 4D multisensory experience to learn about the life of the first man to step on the Moon, Neil Armstrong.

The park has a sector called Rocket Garden of the Space Center where you can find several original rockets, such as the Delta and the Mercury-Atlas, that have furrowed the space.

In the Kennedy Space Center there are several modules equipped to feel part of the first trip to the Moon – on that historic July 20, 1969 – to know the before, during and after the event that changed humanity.

And if you want to approach, talk and meet a real astronaut, you have the opportunity during lunch. While enjoying a buffet in a private space, the guest of the day will tell his adventures and will answer questions in the end.

In the facilities of NASA you can see a real launching platform (from where the Mercury Redstone was launched) and reach the base of Apollo 8, the largest rocket that traveled to space. The adventure is endless. The modules are interactive, and there are training simulators that allow you to experience zero gravity.

This visit can be done in one or two days.

Trip to central Florida

A point in favor of the traveler is that Florida has excellent highways that allow you to move comfortably from one city to another. In this case, towards Winter Haven, Polk County, where you can stay at the Hampton Inn hotel, located near the big shops (for all budgets) and places of interest such as the Safari Wilderness Ranch.

Here you can feel like in Africa. There are zebras, ostriches, camels and wildebeest. Following the safety rules, the tourist can feed them during the tour, which is done on a bus. Do not miss the photos and videos with the nice lemurs, the unforgettable primates of the Madagascar movie. It is recommended to wear a cap, comfortable clothes and a good sunscreen.

One of the advantages of Florida is that it has almost a year-round summer temperature, between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius, so trips to the beach are another option.

If it is an adventure, the Westgate River Ranch Resort is a must. It offers accommodation in houses, in comfortable ranches and even in an Indian tent, the teepees, which have a shower and a fireplace.

The ranch has several stages, where you can spend a night of Texas dancing, participate in a rodeo or savor some delicious pork ribs in the local restaurant.