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Tips for air travel with children

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If you are plan to go on air with your family for the first time, maybe you are stressed by preparations for the trip in the air with your children. Indeed, flying with young children can be a little tricky or complicated. To start your family holiday, follow these tips to ensure that the first flying experience of your children is a positive experience.

air travel with children

Firstly, it should be known that if there are no exactly age limits, air travel is not recommended for infants less than three weeks. Some airlines may make you eligible for discounts on tickets purchased for babies or young children.

Then, if your child seems fearful or nervous about flying for the first time, you could take the time to explain how the aircraft or what happens during a stint at the airport. Children face their fears more easily when they know what to expect. If you feel unable to explain to your child how to fly a plane shortly, or you’re not big enough to satisfy their curiosity, you could make a trip to the library to borrow a book on the topic or, help of the Internet.

Arrive at the airport several hours in advance may be a good idea. Thus, you will not annoy in a queue before you submit to security clearance and boarding the plane. Moreover, your child will be able to familiarize himself with the airport, and you could benefit from it to observe takeoffs of the other planes.

Depending on your destination, it is possible that your child should receive vaccine or take antibiotics. A consultation with your doctor could also be a good idea, in order to make sure of the good health of your child before the departure and of the precautions to be taken if suffers from conditions like asthma or the diabetes, for example.

It is important to prepare your luggage and your child in advance, not at the last minute. Remember to take the necessary in a bag which will keep handy in your cabin: diapers, tissues, warm sweater, snacks, bottles, medicines, sunglasses… Remember also to bring some toys and games to occupy your child during the trip. Be aware that there are rules about what you can put in your hand luggage. As these rules sometimes change, learn before your departure.

Once on the aircraft, if possible, do not make sit your child on the edge of the alley. With service wagons loaded with food and hot drinks and the passengers who move in the path, it is better to avoid any possible risk of wound. Some airlines provide seats for babies. Otherwise, if you are traveling with a baby, it is to be kept on your lap in a safe manner.

Finally, to avoid earaches due to the change of pressure in the cabin at the time of take-off and landing, give your child a gum or candy, or even a feeding bottle. Do not forget to drink often, since the aircraft cabin air is very dry.