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Yehliu Cape Park

Yehliu Geological Park

What to see in Taiwan: Yehliu Geological Park

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The idea of a geological park as a tourist destination for non-professionals might seem bizarre. But wading through the images of the Yehliu Cape Park, in Taipei, is its desire to make us a ride.

Yehliu Geological Park

The protected area is a little over a mile and a half thousand feet but narrow. A small coastal strip where you can admire a beautiful stretch of beach, with rock formations really strange. The park can be divided into three areas: the area with rocks and stones mushroom fruit of their erosion, the one with the rock formations that resemble the head of the queen, the head of the dragon, and other famous heads and the last, worked by the waves have carved and shaped.Read More »What to see in Taiwan: Yehliu Geological Park